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“I’m not sure why you bother to make the bags resealable. Once you open it, it’s gone.”

– loyal customer


“Wait, I supposed to give the other bag to my parents for Christmas? Oops!”

– former USNA Midshipman/Navy Seal Commander


Priest after mass: “I’m not sharing this toffee, really.”

My daughter: “I hope you’re happy, you’ve finally corrupted a priest.”

- Christmas Midnight Mass


“I know it’s only July, but am I still on “the” toffee list?!”

- anonymous 


“I hide it behind the tomato soup cans. Nobody likes tomato soup in my family.”

- Kid's 5th grade teacher


“I ate the whole thing in one sitting! How could you do this to me!?”

- Former colleague at NBC News


We found out years later that our son, when in 9th grade, was selling the toffee to his teachers during the holidays at quite the profit. He cut his sister is for hush money! “Mom, it was business. And it made them very happy.!” And here I thought he was just being very generous….

- Yeah, that was me MFG Owner and Chief Toffee Maker(!)



“Thank you Kathy and MFG Toffee Company for your support of Heart’s Delight! MFG Toffee is Maryland’s Finest and Greatest and our guests agree! Our guests love your small batch toffee and the gift basket was the perfect way to try the delicious varieties. Just like your motto reads, “Try It!...You’ll Hide it!”.

American Heart Association Heart’s Delight Wine Tasting & Auction



MFG Toffee was a great addition to the Annapolis Chocolate Binge Festival this year. We heard that festival attendees loved the toffee samples so much they bought over 500 bags of MFG Toffee in under 5 hours. Make sure to get yours soon.

Downtown Annapolis Partnership



"We were blown away by MFG Toffees from our first taste. We love the texture, the flavor, and the fact that we recognize and can pronounce every ingredient that goes into them. Add in that they pair well with cheese and these are a no brainer for a shop like ours."

FireFly Farms Market Baltimore



“MFG Toffee is setting the bar for a new generation of candy makers and chocolatiers in Baltimore City.”

Made In Baltimore


“Working with MFG Toffee has been such a pleasure. Owner, Kathy, was attentive, professional and offered amazing creative input to complete a rather large custom order. On top of that, the toffee is AMAZING! We will definitely be ordering from MFG again in the future. “

Office of Community Engagement University of Maryland, Baltimore



Kathy has been a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. She was very helpful and knowledgeable during the entire process of selecting the toffee flavors to best packing presentation for my order. I highly recommend working with MFG Toffee. Their service is impeccable and the toffee is excellent!

Hostess Love – Elevated Entertaining

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