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English Walnut Toffee – Handed down through the generations, this is the family recipe that started it all! A delicious, crunchy, buttery toffee infused with pure vanilla, en-robed in an imported dark milk chocolate and generously topped with English walnuts. Our company motto, “try it….you’ll hide it!” was coined from this tasty treat!

Italian Cappuccino Toffee - Introducing the newest addition to our family of globally inspired toffees and barks - A sumptuous, crunchy toffee infused with espresso, glazed with a fine, imported white chocolate, and topped with thinly shaved almonds and Trapani sea salt, harvested from the northwest coast of Sicily. The result is a toffee that not only tastes and smells amazing but is visually stunning.


All of our barks start with an inviting canvas of vegan, Fair Trade, dark chocolate. And that just for starters!


French Raspberry Champagne - A perfectly balanced expression of freeze dried raspberries folded into our chocolate canvas infused with champagne extract, drizzled with couverture ruby chocolate, and finished with a pink Chablis edible dust. Sophisticated, pretty and decadently delicious.


Mexican Spicy Pepita - Infused with cinnamon, espresso, and just the right amount of “heat,” we top our chocolatey canvas with salty roasted pepitas and a twist of orange zest. The end result? This bark definitely has a little bite to it!


Seasonal Offerings

As the seasons changed, so too, will our special “limited edition” toffees and barks.

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