Order Toffees & Barks

While we're building our online store, to order please contact Larry at yummy@mfgtoffee.com or 443-267-6709. 

Pricing is $15 for a 6.5oz bag or mix and match 3 bags for $40
*Tax and shipping not included.

English Walnut Toffee - Our original buttery toffee infused with pure vanilla, enrobed in dark milk chocolate and generously topped with English walnuts.


Mexican Spicy Pepita Bark – Rich dark chocolate, infused with fresh orange zest, cinnamon, and a hint of chili. Salty roasted pepitas and a drizzle with passion fruit white chocolate finish this bark that definitely has a little bite!


French Raspberry Bark - A perfectly balanced expression of freeze-dried raspberries folded into dark chocolate, drizzled with French ruby chocolate, and finished with an edible prism dust. Sophisticated, pretty, and decadently delicious.


Italian Cappuccino Toffee – Our buttery toffee infused with espresso, coated with white chocolate, topped with thinly shaved almonds and sprinkled with Trapani sea salt, harvested from the northwest coast of Sicily.


Canadian Maple Pecan Toffee – Our original buttery toffee, enrobed in dark chocolate, topped with roasted pecans, drizzled with maple infused caramel chocolate and sprinkled with maple flakes.


Japanese Matcha Lin Bark – Crystalized ginger infused dark chocolate, drizzled with yuzu orange and matcha infused white chocolate. Finished with wasabi coated sesame seed to heat things up!

Baltimore Birds Everything Toffee – Our buttery toffee, enrobed in dark milk chocolate, sprinkled with “everything” bagel topping and drizzled with a thin ribbon of Italian white chocolate. MFG’s “seedy” to our amazing purple and orange birds! Go Ravens! Go Orioles!